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Learning Volleyball   Living with Purpose


Meet Tracy

I’m 6’3” (if we were standing next to each other, you’d be wondering). After playing elite level volleyball for about 12 years, donning USA on my back for 7 of those years, I admit to letting out a giddy squeal whenever I get to pepper—or set, even against a wall. Anywhere, really. Playing volleyball brings me joy! Teaching volleyball gives that play more purpose. And the game itself, I believe wholeheartedly, is a microcosm of life where both the player and the teacher form habits, identity, and values. What is trained in the gym will be reflected in life. 


That is why Serve with Heart is both literal, in its application to this wonderful sport that we love (i.e. Don't just serve, do so with intention), and it is also representative of a life lived with purpose, offering ourselves to one another wholeheartedly.

How Can I Serve You?

Private Lessons

Group Training

Online Coaching

Film Analysis

Mind of a Champion

Mental Training


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“I’ve never seen a leader that cared so much about other people, and to this day she still inspires me. Tracy (Stalls) Insalaco is very talented, smart and has great instincts. Serve with Heart with Tracy running the show will have a major impact on any group of people that she works with.”

John Cook

National Champion Head Coach, University of Nebraska

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord and not men."

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