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I believe that sports are a microcosm of life. Habits are created in the gym, and those habits will show up in every day life and identity. My hope is that in sharing my own victories and failures, I might encourage young people in their own journey of discovering who they are becoming.


I have spoken to various groups, including: sports teams (college, club, high school), church groups, high schools, non-profits, etc.

Example Talks:

  • The Almost Olympian

  • What is Success?

  • The Greater Goal

  • A Voice Compelled

  • Custom for team or group:
    Let’s hone in on one of your group’s greatest challenges


As a seasoned team leader and National Championship captain, I am passionate about team relationships and communication.


Does your team need guidance with its mission statement, collective buy-in and clarity, coach/captain dynamics, leadership development, or culture?


Managing a team's connection is tricky, yet vital -- let me help!

I'm so excited about this!

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