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Of course it is important to train your body, but what about your MIND?

One of the most invaluable tools I received as a young athlete was guidance from my club coach on how to think and how to process. I was never the best athlete in the USA gym, but my intangibles (those things that can't be measured on a stat sheet) kept me competing with the best of the best for a long time.


These tools continue to serve me in life beyond the court. I am convinced that how a player responds to situations on the court directly relates to her character, value-system and habits. Sports is a microcosm of life! The mental, spiritual, emotional tools she implements in the gym not only help her excel in sport, but they undoubtedly shape who she is becoming in life. I care deeply about the deeper things young women face in sport and life, and I'm thrilled to offer one-on-one (or team) guidance in these areas.

Let's go!



One on One

with Tracy

Personal Training Options

The opportunity to work personally with an athlete on how to apply and tweak these important tools truly maximizes his/her opportunity for growth.

Option 1 -- CONSULT: 1 hour-long SWH Mental Training session. I learn about what you need and how I can help you, offering 1-2 important mental training tools to go home with.

Option 2 -- DIG DEEPER: Three 1 hour-long SWH Mental Training sessions  — Each session will be at least 1 week apart. This allows for helpful “homework” and application assignments for multiple mental training tools, as well as proper follow-up on their impact.


One Mission Minded

Workshops & Teams

On-site or live video workshops with your athletes, parents, coaches, program, or athletic department. Can include topics such as Resilience, Confidence, Leadership, Competition Routines, and many more. Fully customizable.


  • Single workshop

  • 3 workshop series

  • Custom grouping series

National Championship captain, Tracy (Stalls) Insalaco provides guidance with your team’s mission statement, collective buy-in and clarity, coach/captain dynamics, leadership development, and/or culture. Tracy will customize to your team's needs, meeting weekly or every other week with team (on-site or live video options).

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